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"Child's Right to Nurse" Act died in the Senate in WV. Man, I am pissed. If I EVER see anyone tell a woman to go sit on a toilet and breastfeed I am going to punch them in the nose.

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in response to the multiple conversations about nanny 911 going on in feminist_rage attachedparents and boob_nazis i would like to state my complete and utter hateration for people who solicit parenting advice who dont have children.  dante apparently forgot them when assigning his circles of hell.

the woman on the specific episode of nanny 911 has "15 years experience" with children, but none of her own.  thats like saying "ive ridden in a car for 15 years, that qualifies me to be a mechanic."


We wouldnt want West Virginia to be stereotyped as "ignorant" now would we?


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honestly, this editorial did more to support the stereotype of WVirginia as ignorant more than anything a woman nursing in public could do.  im so fucking pissed i can hard see straight.  i quicking banging out a LtE - its snarky cause i dont care about informing or being nice. 

Where does one start with the moronic piece of tripe that is the editorial "Breast feeding will only reinforce stereotype." The editorial itself did more to label West Virginia as uncouth and ignorant than a mother "pull[ing] a tit out in public and stick[ing] a kid to it." And it also begs the question as to what the writer is doing to aleviate all the suffering that they list rather than complain.


why i will never ever (willing) deliver in a hospital

from the AP listserv im on

"I am just venting here but I just got sent a birth story and in
addition to the usual coerced cesarean nightmare she had really bad
anesthesia and felt the whole surgery. Not as uncommon as you might
think, but then to add insult to injury the OB takes the baby away and
contrary to their birth plan and verbal discussions with
traumatized by the whole experience she is looking for a therapist.
Some days I feel like I am beating my head up against the wall of a
system so huge it can never be broken down! AAAAGH!"

fucking christ on a cracker. i hope to jebus the parents sue the doctor. i know some women object to male circumsision being compared with FGM but this doctor violated this little baby. he went against a written and verbal contract with the parents. why cant we just leave babies alone? why cant doctors trust women to make their own desicions about their health and birth?

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So yesterday at work I got to hear all about how men with foreskins are disgusting and nasty, EVEN BABIES, and then when I spoke up I got typical ignorant "foreskins cause STD's/infections/UTI's/BULLSHIT BULLSHIT FUCKING BULLSHIT."

I went off on a little rant (which was short because I was angry I was shaking and my hands were turning blue) and ended it with "My daughter was born perfect, and if this one is a boy, he will be born perfect, too."

It disgusts me that we live in a society that views that natural male penis as DISGUSTING. WTF?! I'm not saying you have to think dicks are cute, but jesus. And how fucking sick and sexist is it to say that hey, women are born fine, but men?! EWWW yuck, they're born FLAWED.

One woman actually said that her first husband didn't want their son circumsized (because he was intact), but "there's no way in hell I'd change him with that nasty thing on his penis!" She said that about her OWN CHILD!

My disgust seriously knows no bounds.

And on a side rant, I'm sick to death of hearing women say things like "It took me forever to find a sling that was girly enough for me but manly enough for my son!"

*head explodes*

"boutique parents" and other stuff

someone in an email list used this term for parents who, as she stated, '...will pay for anything. There are whole catalogs and industries designed to make sure you can have your kid and not have to interrupt you life, hold your baby, or lose any sleep for one minute." going along with a rant about celebrity parents, i saw whats her face with her newborn twins on the cover a people or own of those other crap mags.  hell, shes breastfeeding twins so i totally give her props but im tired of those celeb mom stories!

i dont doubt that women in hollywood want children and love them any less than the rest of us. its the cult of personality industry that has turned children into the next biggest fad and the "must-have" accessory. (paris hilton said in an interview that her next thing could possibly include becoming a mother, yikes!)  these parent of unlimited means who can buy their children just about anything make it harder for the rest of us because quality of parenting is now equated with how much shit that child owns. "keeping up with the baby jones" has become the more important parenting skill than learning what your child's cries mean.  i could buy all the baby einstein videos in the world and that would not change the fact that lucien would prefer to watch the visualisation on winamp (if its on, he wont even look at me or jeremy, scary!)

i dont want to say that being working class makes you a better parent (because i reject that any class makes a better parent) but maybe i  (speaking solely for me) have a better appreciation for the hard work it takes.  i dont have the luxury of relying on a army of people to parent my child.  i dont have an army of personal assistances, trainers, chefs, housekeepers.  i charish the time i spend with him and love that 1+ hour i have when he goes to bed.  to quote the ms. d: "i have earned my disillusionment, i have been working all of my life."  i take pride in the fact that i am taking care of lucien with only the help of jeremy - yeay for rugged individualism.  im doing the best i can with what i have, and i think im doing a fucking grand job!  i fear for any child that paris or brittney has.  i just cant see them getting up in the middle of the night to deal with a colicky baby or changing diapers, or appearing in public with their child unless its for PR.

and i rented season one of the L-word last friday and one of the episodes really fucking pissed me off.  first off the show is kinda annoying for several other reasons but three of the women do an "intervention" for bette and tina because, since tina got pregnant, they have become "boring."  they would rather stay home on a saturday night than go out.  they, gasp, the horror, shock, talk about pregnancy and other domestic, breeder, boring things to their hip, single, child - and seemingly job-though unlimitated income-free friends. 

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jeremy had picked up some passports that i was processing for my uncle and dropped them off after lunch so i could mail them out. he couldnt stay long so we just sat in his car and i nursed lucien while jeremy grabbed something to eat. so im sitting in the car nursing lucien and he was in a smiley mood so he would rather look at me than eat - it was more for comfort than food anyway. hes on my left boob and im kinda turned in so he wouldnt kick the door. ive got my shirt kinda hiked up so that i can see what im doing but not "radically disrobing" as some people would like to call it.

REGARDLESS!!! a (female) metro worker comes up to me and says i should cover up because there are "perverts" around. what?!?!?! first off, im in my own car not totally in public exposing myself to possible "perverts," which ive done on more times than i can remember. second, if i was really bothered by someone, i would tell them not to look - i can defend myself, thank you. thirdly, why oh why do I have to protect myself from perverts and not incite them with my boob-flesh. hows about you respect my right to breastfeed my child where, when and how the fuck i please and if you notice someone leering, stop them!

of course this all occurs to me after im like "uh. yeah. ok," in an off-handed way.

and of course this happened when jeremy isnt in the car because when i recounted the situation to him he says "you told them to fuck off, right?" i really want for him to be around when im harrassed so he can jump on their asses.

x-posted all over the fucking place

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i would like to completely irradicate all the myths and stereotypes about welfare and people who use social aid. the statistics are out there. teenage mothers account for less that 2% of all people using welfare or wic. the majority of people using welfare are white. more than 50% of mothers who use welfare have only one or two children. 4 or more children account for less than 20%, i think - dont have the exact numbers in front of me. i would also like to irradicate the phrase "welfare mother." it makes her need or use of social aid her whole focus, worth, being, identity. she is a woman first, she also happens to use welfare.

yet the image of the "welfare mother" is a woman of colour what 8 kids by 9 different men who is too lazy to get a job. and this image was completely fabricated by the media and has been smashed into the minds of people that its almost impossible to get rid of and have a rational conversation about social aid, welfare and the poor.