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editted 7.1.05 - stratyllis is no longer a member of this community and the community rules have been modified to reflect childfree ally members.

i am considering removing stratyllis from this community for various reasons.

1) she is a member of childfree and cf_hardcore and those communities express too much vitrol and hatred towards children and women/mothers for me to feel that the safe space is being maintained.

2) this is not a debate forum.  disagreements happen but the state of the world being what it is, and as stated in that thread, reproduction and child-related issues fall with greater frequency on women.  yes it would be fabulous if things were "equal" but, as jeremy stated, "if shit was chocolate pudding, we wouldnt have world hunger."  theoretical and practical are often two totally different animals.

3) "if we get to kill a fetus" - this borders on anti-choice language.  you cant "kill" something that isnt viable outside the womb.

i thought i would get some input first.


la leche rage

so next week is the LLLI big conference in DC. im not going but there was going to be this "in conjunction with" satelite workshop about gender issues and breast feeding. probably the most feminist workshop that whole week and i really wanted to go so i could use that information for the workshop i want to put together for next years NCOR. and it was by the WABA (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action) which deals with international (non-white) issues in breastfeeding. i signed up a week or so after the deadline hoping there was still a place left. apparently not even 12 women signed up for it so they cut it from 2 workshops after 5:30 to just one morning orientation. im pissed that im going to have to miss work - thank goodness for comptime, but also that of the (i assume) 100s of women going to this conference only a handful apparently care about gender and non-white, upper-middle class, heterosexual issues.

Hi, Mamacitas!!

Oh, I think probably this community is for me! I recently read The Mommy Myth: the Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermined Women, and it has reignited my inner feminist.

I have 2 boys, one turning 2 in a couple of weeks and one turning 5 at the end of July.

But I'm not the perfect-mom type nor am I the soccer-mom type. I was a goth in college and now seem to project a punk/hippie hybrid image. Politically I'm a progressive. But I live in the heart of Southern Baptist Republican territory in a Red State, so here I am a freak of nature. Which is fine with me!
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Nurse In at the View Rage

There was a nurse in at the View yesterday to protest anti-breastfeeding in public comments.

Rosie O'Donnell was on the show and said she made her partner stop breastfeeding because she was jealous and wanted to bond. Nice of you to sacrifice your baby's health because you are jealous. There are other ways to bond Rosie. Bathing, snuggling, reading, etc. My daughter is very attached to her father despite my (continued) nursing. And you *made* her stop? Are you kidding me? Since when are you your partner's boss?

Rosie also said the lactivists were just doing it because they were hormonal. I bloody well see red when people imply women are incapable of being rational because of their hormones. Maybe, just maybe, women can be political, impassioned, and angry enough to organize. Is it so threatening when women organize? I guess so..

I used to like Rosie, but her misogynistic comments are just so rage inducing.


rageful part:

Milagros' father, Ricardo Cerron, 24, broke into tears as Rubio made the first incision at the start of the surgery late Tuesday. The baby's mother, Sara Arauco, 20, put her hand to her mouth. A nurse standing behind her chair put her hands on Arauco's shoulders.

But later, as the surgery progressed, Arauco said her prayers had been answered.

"Yes, this is a miracle," she told The Associated Press. "I know, even though I am a sinner, God has paid attention to me, maybe not for my sake, but for my daughter's."

im getting the impression some fuckwad told this mother that her daughter's deformity was punishment for her sins (considering the age the sin being giving birth while a teenager) - but god is feeling nice to the daughter so surgery is possible.

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*another gross display of moderator power*

heads up for anyone interested.

judith warner is going to be a politics and prose on friday talking about "perfect madness."
then on saturday im going to hear the author of "the truth behind the mommy wars."

if anyone would like me to pick up an autographed copy, please let me know.

Parenting rages

Pro-choice and parenting. Again. I am so sick of seeing people with icon's of their children's pictures with the caption: "This is why I am pro-life." It makes me want to vomit. How is it applicable? You can be pro-choice and still have children. That is your choice. I want to make an icon with a picture of my daughter that says "this is why I am pro-choice." I never want her options limited. I never want her to die from an unsafe abortion. I never want her rights restricted.

There is a thread on a parenting board in which some people are saying we shouldn't let our toddler daughters wear bikinis/halter/strapless/spaghetti strap shirts because of pedophiles. I am sure pedophiles don't care what children are wearing, and taht is coming very close to victim blaming for my liking. It also gives a false sense of security. "Oh if I just dress my children this way, they will be okay."

I can't deal with the rampant stupidity.

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This week, West Virginia Public Radio did a short news program on the local chapter of an organization known as "MADMen," Men Against Discrimination Men. (Nice and redundant, isn't it.) I listened to it, and got to hear all about how feminists want to destroy families and encourage divorced women with children to (GASP) stand up for themselves and (THE HORROR) get jobs.

I can accept that people this ignorant exist. I CAN'T accept that they are on National Public Radio. Why is NPR giving these people airtime? Yes, I do agree that we should portray all sides of an issue. There are organizations out there that specifically support divorced fathers without advancing false and just plain hateful ideas.

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