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uncoordinated procrastinator

Nurse In at the View Rage

There was a nurse in at the View yesterday to protest anti-breastfeeding in public comments.

Rosie O'Donnell was on the show and said she made her partner stop breastfeeding because she was jealous and wanted to bond. Nice of you to sacrifice your baby's health because you are jealous. There are other ways to bond Rosie. Bathing, snuggling, reading, etc. My daughter is very attached to her father despite my (continued) nursing. And you *made* her stop? Are you kidding me? Since when are you your partner's boss?

Rosie also said the lactivists were just doing it because they were hormonal. I bloody well see red when people imply women are incapable of being rational because of their hormones. Maybe, just maybe, women can be political, impassioned, and angry enough to organize. Is it so threatening when women organize? I guess so..

I used to like Rosie, but her misogynistic comments are just so rage inducing.

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