uncoordinated procrastinator (the_lissa) wrote in mama_rage,
uncoordinated procrastinator

Parenting rages

Pro-choice and parenting. Again. I am so sick of seeing people with icon's of their children's pictures with the caption: "This is why I am pro-life." It makes me want to vomit. How is it applicable? You can be pro-choice and still have children. That is your choice. I want to make an icon with a picture of my daughter that says "this is why I am pro-choice." I never want her options limited. I never want her to die from an unsafe abortion. I never want her rights restricted.

There is a thread on a parenting board in which some people are saying we shouldn't let our toddler daughters wear bikinis/halter/strapless/spaghetti strap shirts because of pedophiles. I am sure pedophiles don't care what children are wearing, and taht is coming very close to victim blaming for my liking. It also gives a false sense of security. "Oh if I just dress my children this way, they will be okay."

I can't deal with the rampant stupidity.

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