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This week, West Virginia Public Radio did a short news program on the local chapter of an organization known as "MADMen," Men Against Discrimination Men. (Nice and redundant, isn't it.) I listened to it, and got to hear all about how feminists want to destroy families and encourage divorced women with children to (GASP) stand up for themselves and (THE HORROR) get jobs.

I can accept that people this ignorant exist. I CAN'T accept that they are on National Public Radio. Why is NPR giving these people airtime? Yes, I do agree that we should portray all sides of an issue. There are organizations out there that specifically support divorced fathers without advancing false and just plain hateful ideas.

From the MADMen website: Clicky

"Only when we protect a man's parental rights will we protect a child's right to have a father."

What we are in favor of:
Family planning choices for men, including the choices to be or not be a parent.
Equal custody rights in cases of divorce and unmarried parenthood.

What is this? Seriously, what the fuck is this? Can we get some consistency here? MADMen want custody rights and responsibilities, unless they DON'T want them? A child has a right to a father, unless the father doesn't want to be a father? WHAT?!?

The Facts

Children who are in the care of single mothers are:

33 times more likely to be seriously abused (so that they will require medical attention), and 73 times more likely to be killed. ...

Well, that's interesting to know. Would you please cite your source for this little tidbit? Funny, you haven't cited any sources. Do you think we should just believe you because you're MEN?

Male Rape

The Reproductive Rape of Men is a concept that is denied by the courts and the media. For a woman to have a child without the permission, or the knowledge of the biological father, is the worst possible form of rape. It is far more damaging than sexual harassment, or physical rape. ...[it] is the worst form of rape.

UGH... I can't stand anymore. I have to go hit some inanimate objects.

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