September 8th, 2006


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ji. i'm nicole, new here. found this through a friend's journal.

and now my rant.

exactly why are my children's toileting habits anyone else's business? my son is autistic, 6, and not using the toilet. excuse me mrs kindergarten teacher, but if you have read anything about asd, you would know that the average age for boys to start using the toilet is 8. 8! he is 6, and has some other things going on. so what if he isn't ready? i do not push my kids, especially him, because they will not do it, and not do it in the most spectacular fashion ever. and- again mrs ktfh- why is why i am opting to stay at home after my daughter is in school any of your business? it's not that unusual here- or is it the visible tattoos and pink hair that's throwing you? if you must know, i am disabled. yes, i know i don't look it, but according to the american's with disabilities act i qualify. and if you really must know, i do work. i am a mom. and i blog. yep- i get paid to spout off about my disability. yep- really.

so- in conclusion, what i do is none of your business. my kid is working on it, and i stay home. got it?

i really do not like my son's teacher. she has been not so great since schoolstarted, and if he weren't autistic, and didn't need to be in school, i would homeschool at this point. at least then no one would comment on his lack of potty useage.