July 13th, 2006


Little intro; My Mother/My parenting rage:

First intro: I invite you to read my bio page; and I am mother of three. My name is Tasha. I am married and sometimes like the privilages that holds; but most days that privilage pisses me off.... My family of 5 live in my mother's house. My mother and sister live here too. My 5 sleep in one room. We do what needs to be done for the time being.

I am 22. My mother is 47(or older... I forget her age often..). I really am greatful for all that my mother does to help me, however, her underminding mine and my s.o.'s authority DOES NOT HELP!!! When I say I will swat my children for still talking after lights out, I do NOT want her to say "I will call CPS if you keep beating them"....
or when I hollar for the older two to stop tormenting the baby from another room I do NOT want her to say "Can't you ever speak to thoes poor children in a civil tone?"
And when I say things on my defense such as "You raised me and Allie [my sister] your way; which included spankings, soap in our mouth, yelling, and other such; Now allow Joe and I to raise our children as we see fit!" This is not your clue to say that I am doing it wrong! This is not your clue to say that you could do better. This is not your clue to try to berate me in to admiting that I am a crappy mother. Let me alone!

Argh! I need to get out of her house. *Silent scream*