July 22nd, 2005

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What is this, the 50s? Women who have sick children but have a job, are all of a sudden horrid mothers who don't think about their kids?

We're not supposed to work if we can afford to stay home?

Children are magically healthy because their mommies are at home?

If my kid gets bronchitis, I'm not going to QUIT MY JOB, to stay at home. That does NOT MEAN I'm a bad mommy who puts myself before my child, it means I'm bloody well realistic. My kid won't heal magically the second I quit. And that whole "Yeah, some people shouldn't have kids" remark is pissing me off to no end.

I feel sorry for the girl they're talking about, to have such a closed minded "friend".

mama isolation

I'm going out of my mind today. See, currently I'm a SAHM, but not entirely by choice; I work at home but just a little. I have plenty to do at the moment: clean house for company coming next week, make a new resume for my sister as a favor, and write an advertorial about dentures. But a playdate with my best friend's kids this morning got canceled due to her son coming down with something, and I was looking forward to it more than my kids were.

I used to work at an office, and words cannot describe how much I miss the daily contact with other adults. I'm introverted and often solitary by choice, so for me to say I'm lonely...!
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