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Little intro; My Mother/My parenting rage: [Jul. 13th, 2006|12:24 am]


First intro: I invite you to read my bio page; and I am mother of three. My name is Tasha. I am married and sometimes like the privilages that holds; but most days that privilage pisses me off.... My family of 5 live in my mother's house. My mother and sister live here too. My 5 sleep in one room. We do what needs to be done for the time being.

I am 22. My mother is 47(or older... I forget her age often..). I really am greatful for all that my mother does to help me, however, her underminding mine and my s.o.'s authority DOES NOT HELP!!! When I say I will swat my children for still talking after lights out, I do NOT want her to say "I will call CPS if you keep beating them"....
or when I hollar for the older two to stop tormenting the baby from another room I do NOT want her to say "Can't you ever speak to thoes poor children in a civil tone?"
And when I say things on my defense such as "You raised me and Allie [my sister] your way; which included spankings, soap in our mouth, yelling, and other such; Now allow Joe and I to raise our children as we see fit!" This is not your clue to say that I am doing it wrong! This is not your clue to say that you could do better. This is not your clue to try to berate me in to admiting that I am a crappy mother. Let me alone!

Argh! I need to get out of her house. *Silent scream*


[User Picture]From: xnaivetex
2006-07-13 04:41 am (UTC)
I don't believe in bad parents who are truly trying their best, but I do believe in bad decisions. We all make them, I don't think anyone is a perfect parent. I don't however, agree with physical discipline. I think children have the right to not be hit or smacked just as much as you have the right to not have someone hit and smack you whenever you mess up. Some decisions and techniques are worth looking more deeply into, to grow as a parent.
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[User Picture]From: mom_wolf
2006-07-13 08:30 pm (UTC)

Okay, to clear things up

When I say swat, I mean the light tap you give on a diapered butt. or the light tap you give on the hand. We also use time outs and other 'positive' discipline. However, this is still MY decision to make; not my mother's nor does this swat need the CPS officials called upon us. I believe my mother says this, and other things, to try to excute some control over my family.
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